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Legal Industry Solutions

We provide many services to the legal industry here in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area as well as throughout the Midwest. The most common, of course, is service of process and witness location. However, some cases require much more in-depth work, including subject surveillance, background investigations, witness interviews and more to provide critical information for law firms to use in court on their client’s behalf in the process of providing them with the best possible chances of winning their case. You can be confident that we have the expertise to uncover the information you and your clients need.

  • Witness Location
  • Witness Interviews
  • Service of Process
  • Surveillance
  • Civil Case Support
  • Family Case Support
  • Criminal Defense Support
  • Court House Research & Record Retrieval
  • Jury Consultation
Member NCISS, USAPI, NAIS, KAPI, KALI / MO Agency License Number 2012014342 / KS Agency License Number A-5013 / Jackson County, MO PPS Number PPS15-00370