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Investigation is a difficult word to define. Merriam-Webster defines 'investigate' as 'to observe or study by close examination or systematic inquiry'. This definition also includes other inflective forms of the word such as 'investigation', 'investigator' and 'investigative' among others. While this definition does fit the verb 'investigate' it in no way really describes investigations.

There are many types of investigations. First, you have investigations normally handled initially by law enforcement including homicide, forensic/crime scene, arson, fraud, missing persons, fugitive recovery, cyber, financial, accident and general investigations. Then, you have investigations normally handled by private investigators including background, domestic, industrial security, trial preparation, wrongful death, civil, infidelity, insurance, worker’s compensation and general investigations. Additionally, several of the areas of investigation between law enforcement and the private sector overlap. This is usually because law enforcement does not have the resources to stay with every single case for an unlimited amount of time until it is solved.

Likewise, there are many types of investigators that handle these investigations. No one is good at every type of investigation; most investigators have their own areas of expertise. Some investigators specialize in corporate investigations while some specialize in forensic accounting and assist with possible embezzlement cases and more. There are also investigators that specialize solely in covert surveillance. What usually happens is that most investigators either eventually develop a liking (and more in-depth skill set) for a particular area of investigations or their specialty develops because of a relation to the industry they came from that lead them to become involved in the investigative industry in the first place.

Here at Double Helix Services, Inc., we apply investigators to your case that specialize in those types of investigations. This way, you can be sure that your case is being handled by someone that has extensive knowledge about his field and therefore will explore leads that others may miss.

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