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Skip Tracing

A 'skip' is defined by Merriam-Webster as 'to leave hurriedly or secretly <skipped town without paying their bill>' or 'to depart from quickly or secretly <skipped town>' or 'to fail to attend or participate in <skip the tournament><skip the meeting>'. A tracer is defined as 'one that traces, tracks down, or searches out: as a person who traces missing persons or property and especially goods lost in transit'.

Skip tracing is really more of an art than a science. There is no all encompassing database that will just tell you where everyone is at all times, not even for the highest levels of law enforcement. When someone wants to avoid something, be it bills, child support, legal troubles or anything else, the first thing they do is try to hide. This is done by moving and stopping contact with anyone whom they’re not especially close to in most cases. This person is defined in the collection industry as 'the intentional skip' and they can be the most difficult to locate. Unfortunately, this is usually who needs to be located for either collection of a debt, recovery of collateral or service of process in a legal matter. However, even the most careful people will still leave a trail behind and still talk to people that have been in their lives for a long time such as close friends and family.

Our skip tracing methodology will allow us to find these difficult skips for you allowing you to locate your subject. In the collection industry, contacts and debtor locates lead to dollars collected, in the repossession industry they lead to collateral recovery, in the legal industry they lead to key witness location and proper service. Contact us today, tell us who you need to find and why and we’ll let you know if it can be done and what’s necessary to do it.

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